Door code armatures

Looking to protect certain rooms quickly and easily? Indoor mortise locks can be retrofitted with effeff's door code fittings with no need for any extra electrical installation or mains connection.

Stopping unauthorised persons from coming in and out of your premises is very easy. effeff's door code fitting can be retrofitted to interior doors with 55 mm backsets and above. You need a standard lock with a standard-approved profile cylinder and a distance of between 72 mm and 92 mm.

Compact and ready to use By replacing the door fitting, you will have a compact, integrated access control system. No alterations are necessary to the existing lock.

This is how it works: Mechanical operation remains as it was before. Doors can be opened as usual from the inside using the handle. The door handle fitted to the outside is engaged when the correct code is entered and then switched off again 3 seconds later. The electronic mechanism ensures the door can only be opened during this interval.

9 volts of power ensure 12 months of security A 9-volt battery block in the door code fitting provides a reliable power supply for the system - with 15 operations a day, the battery block can last about a year. A visual signal will tell you in good time when the batteries need replacing. 50 door openings will still be possible after the signal, meaning there will be no need for a "doorman" to guard the door.

Use version A for inward-opening, DIN right-hand doors or for outward-opening, DIN left-hand doors.

Use version B for inward-opening, DIN left-hand doors or for outward-opening, DIN right-hand doors.