SCALA solo Set

Article number: 435S1121--3--00

EAN-Number: 4042203581500

Product description

The SCALA solo mini controller operates remotely and is installed in a safe area indoors. Therefore, manipulation of the door is not possible from outside.

The mini controller and reader are paired during the initial commissioning. In other words, once these components are connected and supplied with voltage, the components are permanently linked to a system.

For increased security with the use of the "only PIN code" operating mode, the code can be increased from 4 to 6 digits.

In addition, the selection of different operating modes offers different security levels depending on requirements. The "Identification card in combination with a PIN code" operating mode is the highest available security level.

The SCALA solo set comprises a mini-controller and a reader with PIN keypad.

The master code can be used to carry out a wide range of functions and setting options:

Operating mode:

The following modes can be selected during the first commissioning:

User identification card – SCALA solo only accepts user identification cards

User identification card and PIN – people must always be authenticated with an identification card, followed by a PIN code

PIN code only

User identification card or PIN – in this operating mode, users can be identified either via a user identification card or a PIN code

PIN code:

During the first commissioning, the administrator can define the length of the PIN code. The administrator can chose between a 4- or 6-digit code.

Note: the longer the PIN code chosen, the higher the security of the system.

Release time:

With SCALA solo, the door release time can be set in second increments of between 1 and 30 seconds.

Keypad sounds:

The keypad sounds can be activated or deactivated.

The keypad sounds always remain active for programming. This provides an acoustic feedback during programming in addition to the LED display and also helps to prevent incorrect entries.

Delete user:

With SCALA solo, individual users can be deleted per set memory location and several users can be deleted by deleting successive memory locations.

Permanent open:

When creating the user, it is possible to set whether the specific user can activate the always open function.

Permanent locking:

If required, the system administrator can configure a door to permanently locked.

Message function:

With SCALA solo, a one-off access can be saved. This is valid until it has been used or until a new one-off code has been programmed.

Guest function:

It is also possible to grant an access authorisation for a specific number of days. The access can be configured for between one and 36 days.

Overview of Advantages

  • Up to 99 users
  • Programming via keypad
  • LED for status visualisation
  • Security-related electronics under the surface
  • Checking of access entitlement
  • Electronic access control via: 4- or 6-digit PIN code, user identification card, or combination of PIN code and user identification card
  • Four-digit release options
  • Temporary release
  • Office function with permanent release and time limit for specific users
  • Hotel function for up to 36 days
  • Courier function with single-use PIN code
  • Variable temporary release interval for barrier-free door access

Scope of delivery

  • 1x SCALA mini controller
  • 1x SCALA reader with PIN
Technical data