SCALA web Controller

SCALA web/web+ - the universal EAC system

SCALA web/web+ is the scalable and future-orientated EAC system from ASSA ABLOY.

Medium-sized companies in particular need a flexible EAC system, adapted to the economic dynamics – preferably in the form of a digital master key system. SCALA web or SCALA web+ enables web-based management via PC, laptop or mobile end device without software installation. The function includes simple access decisions and schedules. All other components are controlled via the main component of the EAC system, the universally usable controller. This makes upgrading to the SCALA net version really simple. With SCALA web or SCALA web+, the doors connected online can be expanded easily at any time with doors equipped with offline components. The access authorisations of the users for the offline doors are created centrally and written to the identification card via the so-called data-on-card technology using the update reader.

The offline doors are configured via a parameter ID during commissioning. Because all the information relevant for the access is saved on the user identification cards, no reconfiguration of the doors is required in the event of changes to authorisations. The changes are written automatically to the user identification cards via the update reader.

Plug & Play

The commissioning of the controller takes place via DHCP Plug & Play, without configuring network addresses or similar. This means that the system is ready for use and operation right away.

No software installation is needed and no special PC or software knowledge is required on the part of the installer or the system administrator.

The programming and configuration of the system takes place via a web-based user interface, with a clear design, to make life as easy as possible for the user.

In addition to the easy commissioning of the controller, the HW configuration also takes place fully automatically in the web interface. When the doors are created, all door components of the online doors are also configured in the background. This means that, depending on the hardware of the door, the reader, electric strike, monitoring contact or door button are created automatically by the system.

This not only makes life extremely easy for the user, but also saves a significant amount of time, and thus also costs, during commissioning.

Load identification cards

SCALA web/web+ has a function for easy loading of user identification cards. Here, the user can load just one or multiple identification cards automatically via a reader. The assignment to a person then takes place in the user interface.

Access matrix

With SCALA web/web+, wired online doors, online wireless doors and offline doors can be configured and managed. The doors differ only with regard to commissioning. During operation, all doors are managed via the access matrix, which corresponds to the function of a locking matrix.

Depending on the system (SCALA web or web+), the access decision is made via a pure yes/no decision or via time schedules.

SCALA web top hat rail installation
SCALA web top hat rail installation