Data on Card

Simple integration of doors

Integrating new Data on Card (DoC) reader technology in SCALA net makes it possible for this future-oriented access control system to be used even more flexibly, ensuring that it optimally satisfies customer requirements. Unlike other reader systems, in a DoC-integrated system, it is not the controller that decides whether to allow entry, but the reader itself. Access authorisations are stored on the identity card and are updated by the system automatically when there are changes, thus guaranteeing that any changes are rapidly incorporated into the whole system.

No additional wiring necessary

No wiring is required on the door for DoC. Each system requires only one reader to be wired, which is linked to the controller and also functions as an updater. As a result, both the time and costs required to install a control system are drastically reduced with DoC systems.

Common management of online and offline components

DoC is especially suitable for upgrading existing access control systems or installing new systems, as both online components (components which are directly connected to the controller) and offline components (components which are not directly linked to the controller) can be managed using the software-licence. For example, doors which could only be secured mechanically can now be quickly and inexpensively integrated into an access control system. This increases security in buildings while producing an optimum benefit-cost ratio.

DoC makes SCALA even more flexible in use. The access control system can be extended to match requirements or any organisational changes within companies, thus adapting to the needs of the customer.