E100 electronic fitting

The E100 electronic fitting is ideally suited for use in combination with SCALA. Linked to the associated communications hub, it is the ideal locking component for extending existing systems using Aperio® technology. For

This fitting excels thanks to its slim, timeless design and can be used in all commercially available doors featuring mechanical locks - in a standard design for inside doors or using a security design for outside doors (premium fitting).

The E100 electronic fitting integrates doors which had previously been secured mechanically into the online electronic access control system without the need for wiring to the door itself.

Doors are opened using an RFID identity card.

The E100 is supplied in combination with different variants of the communications hub and thus always offers the right solution for different requirements.

In case of an interruption in connection to the hub, access can still take place with the previously saved emergency entitlement identifications cards.