SCALA net 4-eyes principle license extension

Product description

The SCALA net 4-eyes principle, also known as the “works council function”, prevents the movement protocol of individual persons from being viewed.

The focus of an EAC system is not on monitoring individual people, but on the access regulation and control function. For this reason, there is a requirement in many organisations to ensure that the movement protocol of individual people can not be viewed in normal operating mode.

The SCALA net license extension “4-eyes principle” guarantees that all access bookings, such as identification card number, names and the navigation for these are hidden or can not be read. All identification card numbers and people are shown in encrypted form with activated license. The bookings also appear hidden in the dashboard and in the events log, as well as the events of the terminals. It is also not possible to filter by name or identification card number.

For various reasons, it may be necessary to trace events based on a specific individual. Following successful log in by the 4-eyes principle partner, all events are visible again and can be traced.

As soon as the partners log out again, all information is shown again in encrypted form.

Under the system settings, the administrator can define the maximum time for viewing personal information. Once the time has expired, the SCALA software switches automatically to encrypted view.

The 4-eyes principle partners can also define an expiration deadline on log in. However, this can not be longer than the duration set by the administrator.

Overview of Advantages

  • Personal information can only be viewed by two authorised people
  • All personal data is encrypted or hidden in normal operating mode
  • Time-restricted access to movement protocols
  • Once the set time has elapsed, the software switches automatically to encrypted mode