SCALA Controller

The SCALA controller is designed for the control of up to four doors. With the versatile features and additional options, the controller is a future-oriented component which satisfies all demands on electronic access control

The controller is distinguished by its plug & play installation based on modern SD memory card technology. All installation parameters are stored on the controller by means of a special computer-compatible SD card.

The compact design and the clear arrangement of connecting terminals offer additional advantages. These features enable simple and clearly arranged wiring of door components. Further simplification for commissioning offers

In addition to the self-diagnosis LEDs, the controller and connected components undergo permanent temperature and voltage monitoring This information is also saved on the SD card and enables a variety of possibilities for service purposes

The controller is connected directly to a computer via an integrated Ethernet interface, or it can be integrated into an existing network. Access to the controller can also take place via an existing WLAN network with the optional WLAN module.

Up to two doors can be connected with access and exit readers in the basic version of the controller. There are two relay outputs and four analogue inputs on the controller circuit board.