SCALA net app access

The SCALA net App Access solution was developed for users of the EAC system SCALA net. Using a SCALA door module with Bluetooth Low Energy module, doors can be opened via smartphone – either manually, semi-manually or “hands-free”.

If the hands-free function is activated, the smartphone opens the door in Bluetooth range automatically without any action required from the user. Even if the user has no hand free, they can still pass through the door unhindered. For this, the smartphone must be connected with the SCALA net EAC system via the SCALA net Access App. A mutual authentication takes place via for security reasons.

With the provisioning system integrated in SCALA net, the smartphone receives an encrypted identification code. This fulfils the function of an ID number. The ID has a fixed connection with the smartphone and can not be transferred to other devices.

The SCALA net App Access App is available for the latest iOS and Android version in the App Store or in Google Play for smartphones and tablets.


The communication between the smartphone and SCALA net takes place via the SCALA net BLE door module via a Bluetooth Low Energy connection. The communication is AES-128 bit encrypted.

The BLE range of the SCALA net BLE door module depends on the ambient conditions.

Operating modes

With SCALA net App Access, three different operating modes can be set for the door release with the smartphone:

Manual: In manual operating mode, the doors within range are shown via a push of a button in the app. Opening takes place by clicking on the relevant door.

Semi-manual: As soon as a known access point is in range, this is indicated with a message on the smartphone. Clicking on this message opens both the app and the door.

Hands-free: This operating mode activates the automatic opening of a door via smartphone as soon as it is in a definable range of the door. The range can be set in the app.

In this operating mode, access is granted without any intervention from the user. There is no need to be holding the smartphone. A brief vibration signal tells the user that the door has been released.