ePED® panic touch bar, not controlled on display terminal

Article number: N366000xxxx0000

Product description

For use in conjunction with a permitted lock. As a panic touch bar with an integrated display terminal.

Use with and without release delay, with four-wire bus cabling in Hi-O technology.

The panic touch bar panic function is not controlled.

An additional locking element is required to secure the escape door.

Emergency open module to control and monitor electrical locking elements approved for escape and rescue routes.

A release delay deviating from this is tested in compliance with the requirements specified in EN 13637:2015 (electrically controlled exit systems for use on escape routes) as per EN 61508 Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2).

Current building codes state that an approval from the relevant building inspectorate is mandatory for applications with a release delay.

Overview of Advantages

  • panic touch bar as per EN 1125
  • Emergency door release by pushing the display unit
  • Pictogram with situational display of the operating status
  • Acoustic signaling of alarms or disruptions with the orientation signal function
  • Display of the optional time delay
  • Authorised operation with authorisation code on touch screen
  • Configuration of the escape door system
  • Extension and external activation via the Hi-O bus


  • ePED touch bars are custom-manufactured for the desired base profile length. Dimensions cannot be changed at a later stage.
  • As a general rule, such custom-made products cannot be returned or cancelled.
  • Indicate the length of the base profile with a tolerance of ±1 mm when placing orders.
Technical data