Motor-powered (Model 529X)

Thanks to the motorised withdrawal of the bolt and latch and the locking and unlocking of the double action latch, motorised locks offer a security and convenience-oriented combination of access control and escape route.

With these locks, a door handle or actuating bar is used for operation on the inside. A rod or knob plate can be mounted on the outside depending on the architectural specifications. The inside handle is permanently attached to the lock mechanism and thus enables the lock to be unlocked and the door to be opened from the inside, thus ensuring that people can always leave the building or area (panic function). The actuation for electrical unlocking of the motorised lock takes place via a potential-free contact on the access control, switching timer, building management system, push-button etc. With electrical unlocking, a motor retracts the bolt and the case or releases the double action latch so that the door can be pulled or pushed open.

During permanent electrical unlocking (school/public building/commercial building), the self-locking process is disabled and the door remains unlocked and can be opened from the inside or outside at any time.

The unlocking of the latch and bolt makes the motorised lock best suited for use with rotating door drives (e.g. barrier-free entrance doors).

If a door is locked, emergency opening from the outside is possible at any time using the cylinder.

Motorised multi-point lock 529X
Motorised multi-point lock 529X