A constant problem in apartment buildings: lock up at night or not? Entrance doors to apartment buildings – an issue which is always causing problems. On one side the building management. On the other, the residents. Some people always lock the door, others never do. Others don't really care one way or the other. Consequently, there is conflict in the building.

MEDIATOR® is pure genius: A self-locking escape door lock with an electric door strike.

Optimum burglary protection. The door is always locked – day and night. This means protection from burglars and other uninvited guests. When necessary, the door can be kept open using a key switch.

Safer escape routes. Despite being permanently locked, the building can always be exited through the entrance door. In emergency situations and during "day-to-day operations". The escape route problem is solved once and for all.

Great convenience. Locked building entrance doors can be easily opened from inside apartments. When the door closes, it is automatically locked. The door can also be permanently released.

Multipurpose and thus much in demand: MEDIATOR® is well received everywhere.

MEDIATOR® is a system which has finally managed to satisfy interests in many different areas. And what's more, the cost is up to 50 percent lower than for comparable systems. This is why this lock solution appeals to many target groups: Security specialists and security system installers, building and property managers, occupants of private apartments, apartment owners, doctors' practices, lawyers' offices, architects and planners