Vector profile 2nd security level

Suitable for system types GH, H, KHZ, Z, ZUE

Premium -quality profile, special class SK6 with 6 active spring-loaded pin tumblers. Key profiling is arranged parallel to the spine of the key. The respective profile features are therefore arranged horizontally and bevelled relative to each other and form a characteristic pair. This special arrangement of profile features impedes manual opening techniques significantly and provides a high degree of unlocking and scanning security as well as protection against unauthorised opening when compared to conventional key profiles. 2nd security level principle: An additional coding on the key that is scanned by additional blocking elements in the locking cylinder. Missing or incorrect coding on the key block the unlocking procedure during attempts to open the lock.

Product description

  • 6 (+3) spring-loaded tumblers meeting DIN EN 1303 and DIN 18 252 = protection against unauthorised opening
  • Paracentric key profile = unlocking security
  • Protected key profile with security card
  • DIN EN 1303, lock security class 6
  • DIN EN 1303, intrusion resistance class 0, optionally available with drilling protection class B/D and extraction protection
  • Optional DIN 18252 testing, class 82*, with drilling protection, optionally available with extraction protection
  • Optional VdS approval, class B, with drilling protection, optionally available with extraction protection
  • High level of protection against lock picking as a result of special profile design and combination of pins
  • With second scanning level for increased security requirements
  • Key with square metal head


  • * Intrusion resistance classes 1 and 2 or A and B require no pulling protection if the cylinder is used with drilling protection in combination with ES2 ZA class security fitting with pulling protection