Locking wave profile 2PE

Factory-keyed profile

Product description

  • 9 (5+4) spring-loaded pin tumblers = protection against unauthorised opening
  • Paracentric key profile with additional locking wave coding = anti-lock-picking security
  • Protected key profile with security card
  • Certification and identification meeting VdS★★★ (B+), optional VdS★★★ (BZ+)
  • Certification and marking in compliance with DIN 18252:2006, class 82*
  • Drilling protection class 2 (AB=2)
  • Double-sided locking option (GE=BS) = Emergency-key function
  • Additional locking wave, pin combination and additional locking wave coding provide a very high degree of protection against lock picking and "key bumping"
  • Key with round metal head
  • Recommended by the police and insurance companies


  • * Intrusion resistance classes 1 and 2 or A and B require no pulling protection if the cylinder is used with drilling protection in combination with ES2 ZA class security fitting with pulling protection