Blocking rib Vector 1RP04

Factory-keyed profile

Premium IKON special SK6 blocking rib profile with 6 active spring-loaded pin tumblers. This profile is based on a long-term patent which has been developed especially to counteract current and established intrusion techniques, which it impedes to a very high degree. Profile 1RP04 is a paracentric profile. The so-called locking rib are located laterally on the key shaft. These blocking ribs are scanned inside the cylinder by blocking rib pins resulting in a particularly high degree of protection against unauthorised opening, forced entry and lock picking, scanning security as well as increased key copy protection.

Product description

  • 6 (+2) spring-loaded pin tumblers = protection against unauthorised opening
  • Paracentric blocking rib key profile = unlocking security
  • Protected key profile with security card
  • Certification and identification meeting VdS★ (Home) or optional VdS★★★ (B+, BZ+)
  • Certification and marking in compliance with DIN 18252:2006, class 82*
  • Drilling protection class 2 (AB=2) and optional drilling protection class 3 (AB=3)
  • Double-sided locking option (GE=BS) = Emergency-key function
  • High level of protection against lock picking as a result of special profile design, combination of pins and additional locking rib detection
  • Key with square metal head


  • * Intrusion resistance classes 1 and 2 or A and B require no pulling protection if the cylinder is used with drilling protection in combination with ES2 ZA class security fitting with pulling protection