Profile-knob cylinder +CLIQ .534,KNF=1+CLIQ

Round knob with handle grip, anodised aluminium, 42 mm diameter -without key-

Product description

  • For IKON locking systems in the systems TK5, SK5, SK6, TK6, SK7
  • Brass cylinder housing components
  • Standard finish, satin nickel-plated (OF=MV)
  • Standard knob colour nickel silver (KNF=1F2)
  • Basic cylinder length for systems TK5/SK5/SK6 61 mm (C) - A/B (L=30/30), for systems TK6/SK7 71 mm (C) - A/B (L=35/35) - other installation lengths available
  • Standard cam position (SST=30°)
  • Cam made of break and corrosion-resistant nickel silver profile
  • Core pins made of special wear-resistant bronze
  • Optionally available for use in potentially-explosive atmospheres in Zone 1 (Ex II 2G) ATEX=II 2G EX IB IIB T4 Gb
  • Optionally available with anti-killing spree function: With this function the knob is disengaged as the key is entering the cylinder on the other side (VAR=1901509+3+ENTKUPPL.)

Scope of delivery

  • 1 profile-knob cylinder
  • 1 cylinder fixing screw M5 x 85 mm

Ordering Information

  • The knob is always on the inside of the cylinder (B)
Variants that can be ordered
Article numberKNF=OF=L=V=SYS=
.534,KNF=1+CLIQ 1F2 MV 30/30E1 TK5
1F2 MV 30/30E2 TK5
1F2 MV 30/30E1 SK5
1F2 MV 30/30E2 SK5
1F2 MV 30/30E1 SK6
1F2 MV 30/30E2 SK6
1F2 MV 35/35E1 TK6
1F2 MV 35/35E2 TK6
1F2 MV 35/35E1 SK7
1F2 MV 35/35E2 SK7