Transponder key S105

Mechanical user key

Overview of Advantages

  • Aesthetic plastic head for mechanical locks of the IKON brand
  • Increased locking comfort thanks to enlarged, non-slip head
  • As a new or later addition to all mechanical locking systems and SK6 individually keyed locks with electronic components
  • Integration of a battery-free transponder for various electronic functions, such as access control, time recording or billing without cash
  • Works with the following systems: Legic® advant, Legic® prime, MIFARE Classic® / MIFARE® DESFire®, EM4102
  • Flexible and arbitrarily expandable
  • Simple management and user-friendliness, because only one identification medium is used
  • The transponder is protected from mechanical stress and moisture

Product description

  • For IKON locking systems in systems TK5, SK5, SK6, TK6, SK7 and individually keyed locks in SK6
  • Available without (AUS=M) or with RFID chip integrated in the cover (AUS=LEGIC PRIME, AUS=MIFARE® DESFire®, AUS=LEGIC ADVANT, AUS=MIFARE® DESFire® or AUS=EM4102)
  • Splash-proof

Scope of delivery

  • 1 mechanical user key with / without transponder
Variants that can be ordered