Locking wave profile 5PE

Factory-keyed profile

High-quality IKON profile in special class SK6 with 11 spring-loaded, active pin tumblers. There is an additional coding cut into the long sides of the key, the blocking wave. This coding is read by special spring-loaded tumblers in the locking cylinder. If a key with missing or incorrect coding is used, the locking action will be blocked. The additional undercut in the key profile makes the key shape extremely complex and consequently enhances copying protection. The blocking wave profile meets the requirements for mechanical protection against key copying and against lock picking to a very large extent.

Product description

  • 11 (6+5) spring-loaded, active operation tumblers in accordance with DIN EN 1303 or DIN 18252 = security against picking
  • Paracentric key profiles with additional locking wave coding and undercut = unlocking security
  • Extremely effective key copying protection cause of additional undercut and blocking wave
  • Protected key profile with security card
  • Certification and identification optional VdS★★★ (B+, BZ+)
  • Certification and marking in compliance with DIN 18252:2006, class 82*
  • Drilling protection class 2 (AB=2)
  • Double-sided locking option (GE=BS) = Emergency-key function
  • Additional locking wave, pin combination and additional locking wave coding provide a very high degree of protection against lock picking and "key bumping"
  • Key with square metal bow, optionally available with coloured pin
  • High-quality nickel silver key with square-cut metal key head, optionally with colour pin
  • Optionally available as a modular system (GBK=J)


  • * Intrusion resistance classes 1 and 2 or A and B require no pulling protection if the cylinder is used with drilling protection in combination with ES2 ZA class security fitting with pulling protection
Available for following locking cylinder types