Radii Profile N6

Factory-keyed profile

Innovative and patented IKON profile in the tried and tested P0 system with 5 active spring loaded pin tumblers. The patented N6 profile is a paracentric profile and provides solid unlocking protection and scanning security when combined with special pin combinations and profile options.

Overview of Advantages

  • Patented profile in the lower price segment
  • Cylinders either keyed differently or keyed alike
  • Broad range of cylinder types
  • Availability of key blanks

Product description

  • 5 spring-loaded pin tumblers = protection against unauthorised opening
  • According to DIN 18252:2006 class 70
  • Paracentric key profile = unlocking security
  • Patented key profile
  • Optionally available with drilling protection 0+1 (AB=0+1)
  • High degree of protection against lock picking due to special profile design
  • Optionally with comfort function for bilateral opening (GE=BS)
  • Optionally available with drilling protection
  • Very broad range of cylinder types
  • Long-term patent
  • Brass nickel plated key with square key head