VERSO®CLIQ - mechatronic locking system

Solution for exacting requirements

This broad range contains locking cylinder types for doors, windows, gates, garages, letter boxes, furniture, circuits and practically every other conceivable application.

VERSO®CLIQ consists of only a few components, which combine perfectly to fulfil all customary requirements expected of a first-rate locking system: locking cylinders, user keys, programming keys, a programming device and management software.

VERSO<sup>®</sup>CLIQ system

High-end system for exacting requirements

Software for VERSO<sup>®</sup>CLIQ
Software for VERSO®CLIQ

Programming devices VERSO<sup>®</sup> CLIQ
Programming devices VERSO® CLIQ

Accessories and spare parts VERSO<sup>®</sup>CLIQ
Accessories and spare parts VERSO®CLIQ