OneSystem IO module N5951

for installation in a flush-mounted box

Article number: N5951000PILL000

EAN-Number: 4042203704862

Product description

  • The OneSystem IO module is suitable for digital connection of OneSystem locks with Hi-O technology. The OneSystem IO module serves as a connection to conventional devices here, e.g. access control,, on-site interlock controls or monitoring controls. To this end, it provides non-isolated inputs for external control and potential-free relay outputs for querying the function states of the locks for higher-level systems.
  • Non-isolated digital inputs for external release,, external door contact and central locking.
  • Voltage-actuated input for fire alarm system
  • Two potential-free relay outputs (can be configured via a turn-switch)

Overview of Advantages

  • Installation in a flush-mounted box


  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Can be used with all Hi-O-compatible OneSystem locks
Technical data