OneSystem IO module N5950

Article number: N59500000000000

Product description

  • The OneSystem IO module is suitable for digital connection of OneSystem locks with Hi-O technology. The OneSystem IO module serves as a connection to conventional devices here, e.g. access control,, on-site interlock controls or monitoring controls. To this end, it provides non-isolated inputs for external control and potential-free relay outputs for querying the function states of the locks for higher-level systems.
  • The following settings and messages are possible () depending on the model
  • Relay outputs: Outer handle, Inner handle, Cylinder operated, (Handle coupling active), Unlocked, Locked, Door open/closed, Alarm / fault
  • Inputs: (External release), External door contact, (Central locking)
  • Settings: Time mode: Unlocking time 2 – 28 sec., Toggle function, Direct mode
Technical data